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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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jacket páida f.O
January januareis m.JA; sulamenoþs m.C
JapanIapan sm
JerichoEiaíriko f.N
JerusalemIaírusalem n
JeshuaIesus m.U
jest saldra f.O
Jesuit Iesuitus m.U
JewIudaíus m.U/I
jewel aírknastáins m.A
Jewish iudaíwisks adj
job arbáiþs f.I
joinga-haftjan sik I weak; haítjan I weak
join oneself toga-haftjan sik I weak
join togetherga-widan V ablaut; ga-ga-tilon II weak
jointga-wiss f.I
jokesaldra f.O
Jordan Iaúrdanus m.U/I
jot jota indecl
journeywratodus m.U; wigs m.A
joydráums m.A; faheþs f.I
Judea Iudaía f.O; Iudaí-land n.A
judge staua m.N; bi-domjan I weak; stojan I weak; domjan I weak+acc; ga-domjan I weak
judgementstaua f.O; doms m.A; ragin n.A
judgement seatstaua-stols m.A
jugaúrkeis m.JA
July julius m.A; wiudamenoþs m.C
Juneanþar linþa m.A; junius
just us-waúrhts adj; ga-raíhts adj
just asswa-swe adv; swe adv; swe conj
just causestoma m.N
just likeswa-swe conj
just soswa adv
justicega-raíhtiþa f.O
justifysunjon II weak

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