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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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vacation freidags m.A
vainus-wiss aj.s
Valhalla Walahalla f.O
valkyrie walakusjo f.N
valleydal n.A
valuewaírþ n.A; waírþon II weak
Vandal Wandals m.A
vanish ga-taúrnan IV weak
vanityus-wissi n.JA
variousmissa-leiks adj
vassal of the kingþiufaþs m.I
vealkalbomimz n.A; kalbamimz n.A
veilfaúra-hāh n.A; hulistr n.A
vengeancefra-weit n.A
vengeance is minemis fraweit leitáidáu
verbalwaúrdahs adj
verilyamen adv; ja adv
veritablesunjeins adj
veryfilu snu!j+gen; abraba adv
very costlyfilu-ga-láufs adj
very muchfilu snu!j+gen; abraba adv
very needyala-þarba w.aj
very poorala-þarba w.aj
very preciousfilu-ga-láufs adj
vesselmes n.A; kas n.A
vessel for waterkatils m.A
vexdráibjan I weak
victorioushroþeigs adj
victorysigis n.A; sihu n.U; sigus m.U
videofilm n.A
vigilwahtwa f.O
vigilantus-skaws adj
Viking Weikiggs m.A
village weihs n.A; háims f.I
vineweina-triu n.A
vine branchweina-táins m.A
vine treeweina-triu n.A
vinegarakeit n.A
vineyardweina-triu n.A; weina-gards m.I
vineyard workeraúrtja m.N
violentabrs adj
vipernadrs m.A
virginmagaþs f.I
virginitymagaþei f.N
virtuegodei f.N; mahts f.I
visibleana-siuns aj.i
Visigoth Wistraguta m.N
VisigothicWistragutisks adj
visit bi-tiuhan II ablaut; ga-weison II weak+gen
visitationniuhseins f.I
vividga-heis adj
voicestibna f.O

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