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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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abase hnáiwjan I weak; ga-hnáiwjan I weak; háunjan I weak
abidesaljan I weak+intr
abjureaf-domjan I weak
abolishbláuþjan I weak
abrogatebláuþjan I weak
abuseana-mahtjan I weak
accusewrohjan I weak
addga-satjan I weak
adornfetjan I weak
alienatefram-aþjan I weak
allowus-láubjan I weak
answerand-waúrdjan I weak
appearat-áugjan I weak; at-áugjan I weak (passive)
appointráidjan I weak; ga-waúrkjan I weak; ga-satjan I weak
approachneƕjan I weak (used with sik)
ariseur-reisan I weak+intr
arouseana-qiujan I weak
arriveat-farjan I weak
assumeahjan I weak
availbotjan I weak
awaitwenjan I weak
awake from sleepus-wakjan I weak+intr
baptize uf-dáupjan I weak; dáupjan I weak
be a disciplesiponjan I weak+intr
be afraidfaúrhtjan I weak
be astonishedbi-abrjan I weak; silda-leikjan I weak+intr
be at handat-neƕjan I weak+acc
be beside oneselfus-gáisjan I weak (passive)
be boldana-nanþjan I weak
be convertedga-wandjan I weak (with sik)
be darkenedriqizjan I weak+intr
be diligentus-dáudjan I weak
be displeasedun-werjan I weak
be fain or willinggaírnjan I weak+gen
be hidga-láugnjan I weak
be in despairaf-sláuþjan I weak
be in doubtaf-sláuþjan I weak
be mercifulbleiþjan I weak
be thirstyaf-þaúrsjan I weak
be unable to endureun-werjan I weak
bear witnessweitwodjan I weak
beat uponwaltjan I weak
become darkriqizjan I weak+intr
begindu-stodjan I weak; ana-stodjan I weak
beholdgáumjan I weak+dat
believega-láubjan I weak
besetbi-satjan I weak
bethinkbi-þagkjan I weak
betokentáiknjan I weak
betraylewjan I weak; fra-lewjan I weak; ga-lewjan I weak
bewitchaf-hugjan I weak
bind with ropesin-sáiljan I weak
blameana-wammjan I weak; id-weitjan I weak+dat
blasphemewaja-merjan I weak
blessga-þiuþjan I weak; þiuþjan I weak
bless someone or consider them to be blessedáudagjan I weak
blindga-blindjan I weak
blockfaúr-dammjan I weak
blow a hornhaúrnjan I weak
bringbriggan I weak+acc
bring an offeringsaljan I weak
bring backga-wandjan I weak
bring good tidingswaíla-merjan I weak
bring to lightga-liuhtjan I weak
bring upaljan I weak; fodjan I weak
bruiseus-agljan I weak; ga-malwjan I weak
buffetkáupatjan I weak
buildtimrjan I weak; ga-timrjan I weak
build up togethermiþ-ga-timrjan I weak
build uponana-timrjan I weak
burdenkaúrjan I weak
burnga-brannjan I weak; in-brannjan I weak
burn upin-tandjan I weak
buybugjan I weak; us-bugjan I weak
buy outus-bugjan I weak
call at-wopjan I weak; hropjan I weak+intr; wopjan I weak+intr
call someone somethingnamnjan I weak+acc (+ double acc)
cast downaf-dráusjan I weak
cast shade or a shadowskadwjan I weak
cause to runrannjan I weak
cause to stumblemarzjan I weak
cause troubledrobjan I weak
changein-máidjan I weak
chargeƕotjan I weak
cherishwarmjan I weak
chokeaf-ƕapjan I weak
choosewaljan I weak; ga-waljan I weak
choose outga-waljan I weak
clean offaf-hráinjan I weak
cleansega-hráinjan I weak+gen; hráinjan I weak+gen
clear one's nosesnutjan I weak
cleave tohaítjan I weak
clenchaf-ƕapjan I weak
clothega-wasjan sik I weak; wasjan I weak; bi-wáibjan I weak
collect trasureshuzdjan I weak+acc
combkambjan I weak
comfortana-þrafstjan I weak+acc; ga-þrafstjan I weak; þrafstjan I weak
compelbáidjan I weak; ana-náuþjan I weak; náuþjan I weak
completeus-fulljan I weak
concealga-huljan I weak
condemnga-wargjan I weak; af-domjan I weak; ga-domjan I weak
confirmga-tulgjan I weak
considernamnjan I weak+acc (+ double acc); hugjan I weak; þagkjan I weak
consolega-þrafstjan I weak; þrafstjan I weak
constrainnáuþjan I weak
corruptriurjan I weak; fra-wardjan I weak
countrahnjan I weak
count someone somethingrahnjan I weak (+ double acc)
coverga-huljan I weak
cover with kissesbi-kukjan I weak
crowwopjan I weak+intr; hrukjan I weak+intr
crucifyus-hramjan I weak
cry aloudwopjan I weak+intr
cry outhropjan I weak+intr; wopjan I weak+intr; uf-wopjan I weak+intr; uf-hropjan I weak
cuffkáupatjan I weak
curseaf-domjan I weak
curtailga-maúrgjan I weak
cut shortga-maúrgjan I weak
damage ana-mahtjan I weak; agljan I weak
danceplinsjan I weak+intr
dareana-nanþjan I weak
dash againstga-stagqjan I weak; waltjan I weak
deal outdáiljan I weak
deceiveaírzjan I weak; af-aírzjan I weak
declarega-baírhtjan I weak; ga-kannjan I weak
deemnamnjan I weak+acc (+ double acc)
defilega-máinjan I weak; ga-ga-máinjan I weak
deliverláusjan I weak
denyláugnjan I weak
deprive of intellectus-gáisjan I weak
desiregaírnjan I weak+gen; sokjan I weak+acc
despairaf-swaggwjan I weak
destroyfra-qistjan I weak+acc/dat; qistjan I weak; fra-wardjan I weak; dis-tahjan I weak
determineráidjan I weak
discloseand-huljan I weak
disfigurefra-wardjan I weak
disputemiþ-sokjan I weak+dat; sokjan I weak+acc
dissemblemiþ-litjan I weak
distributefra-dáiljan I weak; af-dáiljan I weak
dividedáiljan I weak; ga-dáiljan I weak; fra-dáiljan I weak; dis-dáiljan I weak
divorceaf-satjan I weak
dotáujan I weak+acc; ga-táujan I weak
do goodbotjan I weak; þiuþjan I weak
do violenceana-mahtjan I weak
doubttuz-werjan I weak
draw nearat-neƕjan I weak+acc (reflexive); neƕjan I weak
dreamdráumjan I weak (reflexive)
drivedráibjan I weak
dwellsaljan I weak+intr
eat ga-matjan I weak; matjan I weak
eliminateaf-dáuþjan I weak
encompassbi-wáibjan I weak
endeavorus-dáudjan I weak
enlightenin-liuhtjan I weak
enrollana-meljan I weak; ga-meljan I weak
enticega-ƕatjan I weak
enumeratetaljan I weak
establishtulgjan I weak; stiurjan I weak
exaltus-háuhjan I weak; háuhjan I weak; mikiljan I weak
examineus-sokjan I weak
exchangein-máidjan I weak
excite to uproardrobjan I weak
exhaustus-agljan I weak
expectwenjan I weak
faint af-dojan I weak+intr
falsifymáidjan I weak
fatigueaf-mojan I weak; af-dojan I weak+intr
fattenaljan I weak
fearfaúrhtjan I weak
feedmatjan I weak; fodjan I weak
fightháifstjan I weak+acc
fillga-fulljan I weak; fulljan I weak+gen; ga-soþjan I weak
fitga-manwjan I weak
fixráidjan I weak
foamƕaþjan I weak+intr
followga-láistjan I weak; afar-láistjan I weak; láistjan I weak
follow afterafar-láistjan I weak; láistjan I weak
forbidwarjan I weak
forceana-náuþjan I weak; náuþjan I weak
foundga-suljan I weak
freeláusjan I weak
frightenagjan I weak
frighten offaf-agjan I weak
frighten utterlyus-agjan I weak
fulfillfulljan I weak+gen; us-fulljan I weak
furnishga-stráujan I weak; stráujan I weak
gaze around faír-weitjan I weak
giveaf-dáiljan I weak
give a nicknameana-namnjan I weak
give a signbandwjan I weak
give lightliuhtjan I weak
give livega-qiujan I weak
give suckdaddjan I weak
give to drinkga-dragkjan I weak; dragkjan I weak
give upga-lewjan I weak
glitterglitmunjan I weak
glorifyháuhjan I weak; mikiljan I weak
goskewjan I weak
go alongskewjan I weak
go to meetwiþra-ga-motjan I weak
greetgoljan I weak
groanin-raúhtjan I weak
grow strongin-swinþjan I weak+intr
harden ga-dáubjan I weak
hastensniumjan I weak
hatehatjan I weak
have courageana-nanþjan I weak
healga-háiljan I weak; háiljan I weak+gen
hearga-háusjan I weak; háusjan I weak; and-háusjan I weak
helpbotjan I weak
hinderana-latjan I weak; marzjan I weak
hoard uphuzdjan I weak+acc
hopewenjan I weak
hungerhuggrjan I weak
hurtagljan I weak
illuminate ga-liuhtjan I weak
incineratefra-brannjan I weak
incitega-ƕatjan I weak
injureana-mahtjan I weak; ga-skaþjan I weak; ga-sleiþjan I weak
instructus-þroþjan I weak; talzjan I weak
insultga-náitjan I weak
intendfaúra-ga-hugjan I weak
interpretga-skeirjan I weak
interruptwarjan I weak
join ga-haftjan sik I weak; haítjan I weak
join oneself toga-haftjan sik I weak
judgebi-domjan I weak; stojan I weak; domjan I weak+acc; ga-domjan I weak
keep on working þaírh-arbáidjan I weak
killus-qistjan I weak+acc/dat; af-dáubjan I weak
kill offaf-dáuþjan I weak
kindletandjan I weak
kisskukjan I weak+dat
kiss all overbi-kukjan I weak
kneelknussjan I weak+intr
lament loudly wái-faírƕjan I weak+intr
layana-hnáiwjan I weak; us-lagjan I weak; lagjan I weak; ga-lagjan I weak; at-lagjan I weak; ga-satjan I weak
lay asideaf-lagjan I weak+acc; af-sláupjan I weak
lay downaf-hnáiwjan I weak; lagjan I weak; ga-lagjan I weak
lay onana-lagjan I weak; at-lagjan I weak
lay outus-lagjan I weak
lay uponus-lagjan I weak
leadbriggan I weak+acc
lead astrayaírzjan I weak; af-aírzjan I weak
leaveláibjan I weak
leave an assemblymiþ-litjan I weak
let down with cordsin-sáiljan I weak
levelga-ibnjan I weak
lieláugnjan I weak
lie down or sitana-kumbjan I weak+intr
lie hidga-láugnjan I weak
lift upuf-rakjan I weak+intr
lighttandjan I weak
lightenlaúhatjan I weak
listen toháusjan I weak; and-háusjan I weak; uf-háusjan I weak+dat
long forgaírnjan I weak+gen; sokjan I weak+acc
looseláusjan I weak; ga-láusjan I weak
loosenga-láusjan I weak
lowerhnáiwjan I weak; ga-hnáiwjan I weak
magnify háuhjan I weak; mikiljan I weak
maketáujan I weak+acc; ga-táujan I weak; ga-lagjan I weak; ga-waúrkjan I weak; waúrkjan I weak+acc
make aliveana-qiujan I weak
make cleanga-hráinjan I weak+gen; hráinjan I weak+gen
make clearga-skeirjan I weak
make commonga-máinjan I weak; ga-ga-máinjan I weak
make deafga-dáubjan I weak
make evenga-ibnjan I weak
make highháuhjan I weak
make humbleháunjan I weak
make knownkannjan I weak; kunþjan I weak; ga-kannjan I weak; ga-swi-kunþjan I weak
make much ofmikiljan I weak
make readyskaftjan I weak; ga-manwjan I weak
make usefulga-botjan I weak
make voidbláuþjan I weak
make wetnatjan I weak
make wholeháiljan I weak+gen
make wiseus-fratwjan I weak
manifestga-baírhtjan I weak
marvelsilda-leikjan I weak+intr
meanga-skeirjan I weak (of words)
meditateþagkjan I weak
meetga-motjan I weak+dat
mention one by onetaljan I weak
ministerand-bahtjan I weak+dat
movewagjan I weak; in-wagjan I weak
murdermaúrþrjan I weak
murmurbi-rodjan I weak+intr
muzzlefaúr-muljan I weak+acc
nail ga-nagljan I weak
namenamnjan I weak+acc
nourishfodjan I weak
numberrahnjan I weak
obey and-háusjan I weak; uf-háusjan I weak+dat
observegáumjan I weak+dat
offendga-marzjan I weak; af-marzjan I weak; marzjan I weak
offerat-satjan I weak
openand-huljan I weak
oppresskaúrjan I weak
ordainsatjan I weak
orderráidjan I weak; at-ga-raíhtjan I weak
overchargeana-kaúrjan I weak
overshadowufar-skadwjan I weak
overthrowus-waltjan I weak
overturnus-waltjan I weak
partake of brūkjan I weak+gen
pay or offer as a tributeand-saljan I weak
perceiveháusjan I weak; gáumjan I weak+dat
performga-táujan I weak; waúrkjan I weak+acc
permitus-láubjan I weak
persecutewrakjan I weak
pervertin-wandjan I weak
pityga-bleiþjan I weak
placelagjan I weak; ga-lagjan I weak; ga-satjan I weak; satjan I weak
place a sealfaúr-sigljan I weak
place in sequenceat-ga-raíhtjan I weak
place uponus-satjan I weak
plaguebalwjan I weak+dat
plantus-satjan I weak; satjan I weak
plough/plowarjan I weak
pluckráupjan I weak
point outtáiknjan I weak
praiseþiuþjan I weak; háuhjan I weak; mikiljan I weak; hazjan I weak
preachwaíla-merjan I weak; merjan I weak
preach gospelaíwaggeljan I weak
prepareskaftjan I weak; ga-waúrkjan I weak; manwjan I weak; ga-manwjan I weak
presentat-satjan I weak
preventwarjan I weak
printus-meljan I weak
proclaimga-swi-kunþjan I weak; merjan I weak
profitbotjan I weak
pronounce judgementga-domjan I weak
prophesizepraúfetjan I weak
provekáusjan I weak+acc; us-táiknjan I weak
puff upuf-báuljan I weak+intr
pull outráupjan I weak
putsatjan I weak
put awayaf-lagjan I weak+acc
put in the firein-brannjan I weak
put offaf-sláupjan I weak
put on clothesat-lagjan I weak
put to deathaf-dáubjan I weak; dáuþjan I weak; af-dáuþjan I weak
quench af-ƕapjan I weak
question withsokjan I weak+acc
rain rignjan I weak+intr
raiseráisjan I weak; ur-ráisjan I weak
rearaljan I weak
rebukeƕotjan I weak; ga-ƕotjan I weak
reckonrahnjan I weak
reclineana-kumbjan I weak+intr
redeemus-bugjan I weak
registerana-meljan I weak
remainsaljan I weak+intr
rememberga-máudjan I weak
remindga-máudjan I weak
rendtahjan I weak
renewana-niujan I weak
reproachid-weitjan I weak+dat
reproveid-weitjan I weak+dat
restorega-satjan I weak
returnat-wandjan I weak (reflexive); ga-wandjan I weak (with sik)
revealga-baírhtjan I weak; and-huljan I weak; baírhtjan I weak
revileana-mahtjan I weak; id-weitjan I weak+dat
rollwaltjan I weak
roll awayaf-walwjan I weak
roll toat-walwjan I weak
rouse upur-ráisjan I weak
runþragjan I weak+intr
run aheadbi-þragjan I weak
sacrifice saljan I weak; and-saljan I weak; hunsljan I weak
sailfarjan I weak
salutegoljan I weak
satisfyga-soþjan I weak; fulla-fahjan I weak
savenasjan I weak; ga-nasjan I weak
scareus-agjan I weak
scare awayaf-agjan I weak
scatterdis-tahjan I weak
sealsigljan I weak
seduceaf-aírzjan I weak
seegáumjan I weak+dat
seeksokjan I weak+acc
seemþugkjan I weak+intr
sellfra-bugjan I weak+dat
sendsandjan I weak+acc; in-sandjan I weak
send alongga-sandjan I weak
send awayus-sandjan I weak
send forthfaúra-ga-sandjan I weak; us-sandjan I weak; in-sandjan I weak
send outus-sandjan I weak
send someone along as a companionmiþ-in-sandjan I weak
send to accompanyga-sandjan I weak
servefulla-fahjan I weak; and-bahtjan I weak+dat
setlagjan I weak; ga-lagjan I weak; us-satjan I weak; ga-satjan I weak; satjan I weak
set onus-satjan I weak
set round anythingbi-satjan I weak
settlega-tulgjan I weak
sewsiujan I weak
shakewagjan I weak; ga-wagjan I weak
shake offaf-hrisjan I weak; us-hrisjan I weak
shake outus-hrisjan I weak
sharedáiljan I weak; af-dáiljan I weak; dis-dáiljan I weak
sharpenga-ƕatjan I weak
shineglitmunjan I weak
shortenga-maúrgjan I weak
showtáiknjan I weak; áugjan I weak; at-áugjan I weak; us-táiknjan I weak
show familial piety towardsbarusnjan I weak
show loyalty towardsbarusnjan I weak
shunbi-wandjan I weak
sighswogatjan I weak; ga-swogjan I weak+intr
sigh deeplyuf-swogjan I weak+intr
signuf-meljan I weak+dat
signifybandwjan I weak
sinfra-waúrkjan I weak+intr
sinksagqjan I weak+intr
sink downsagqjan I weak+intr
sit at a tableana-kumbjan I weak+intr
slanderwaja-merjan I weak
slightga-sleiþjan I weak
sound a cymbalklismjan I weak
sparehleibjan I weak
speakmaþljan I weak+intr; rodjan I weak+intr
speak evil ofubil-waúrdjan I weak
spoilfra-wardjan I weak
spreadstráujan I weak
spread with carpetsstráujan I weak
spybi-niuhsjan I weak
stampfaúr-sigljan I weak
stimrowagáidjan I weak
stirga-wagjan I weak
stir updrobjan I weak; in-wagjan I weak
stop tr.faúr-dammjan I weak
store uphuzdjan I weak+acc
strengthenga-swinþjan I weak
stretch forthuf-rakjan I weak+intr
stretch oneselfuf-þanjan I weak+intr (+ sik)
stretch outus-lagjan I weak
stretch upuf-rakjan I weak+intr
strewga-stráujan I weak; stráujan I weak
strew or spread under somethinguf-stráujan I weak
strictly chargega-ƕotjan I weak
strike aghastus-gáisjan I weak
strike with the palm of the handkáupatjan I weak
striveus-dáudjan I weak; háifstjan I weak+acc
strive forbi-arbáidjan I weak
submituf-háusjan I weak+dat
suckledaddjan I weak
sufferus-láubjan I weak; arbáidjan I weak
supposehugjan I weak
surroundbi-satjan I weak
sweep outus-báugjan I weak
take good care of hleibjan I weak
talkrodjan I weak+intr
talk muchfilu-waúrdjan I weak
tametamjan I weak; ga-tamjan I weak
tastekáusjan I weak+acc
teachtalzjan I weak; ga-láisjan I weak; láisjan I weak
teartahjan I weak
terrifyogjan I weak
testkáusjan I weak+acc
testifyweitwodjan I weak
testify togethermiþ-weitwodjan I weak
thinkahjan I weak; hugjan I weak; þagkjan I weak
think aboutbi-þagkjan I weak
thirstþaúrsjan I weak
threatenƕotjan I weak; ga-ƕotjan I weak
toilarbáidjan I weak
toil or struggle togethermiþ-arbáidjan I weak
tormentbalwjan I weak+dat
touchat-snarpjan I weak
transfigurein-máidjan I weak
transgressmissa-táujan I weak
transgressormissa-táujan I weak (as pple.)
translatega-skeirjan I weak
treat shamefullyga-náitjan I weak
troubledráibjan I weak
trumpethaúrnjan I weak
turnwandjan I weak
turn awayaf-wandjan I weak
turn roundga-wandjan I weak; ga-wandjan I weak (with sik); wandjan I weak
unclothe and-wasjan I weak
uncoverand-huljan I weak
undressand-wasjan I weak
usebrūkjan I weak+gen
use many wordsfilu-waúrdjan I weak
vex dráibjan I weak
wail greatly wái-faírƕjan I weak+intr
wakeur-ráisjan I weak
wake upus-wakjan I weak+intr
walkskewjan I weak
warmwarmjan I weak
wash oneselfdáupjan I weak
wastedis-tahjan I weak
wearyus-agljan I weak
wetnatjan I weak
whitenga-ƕeitjan I weak
wind aboutbi-wáibjan I weak
wipe offaf-hrisjan I weak; af-hráinjan I weak
wishgaírnjan I weak+gen
wondersilda-leikjan I weak+intr
workwaúrkjan I weak+acc; arbáidjan I weak
work throughþaírh-arbáidjan I weak
work towardsbi-arbáidjan I weak
worryagjan I weak
writemeljan I weak; ga-meljan I weak
write overufar-meljan I weak
yearn for gaírnjan I weak+gen

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