Gutisk Waúrd siþōn

wv.II (refl.) to meditate

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Principal parts: siþon, siþoda, siþodedun, siþoþs (click to search usasge on

Verb: (refl.) to meditate
1st siþō siþōs siþōm
2nd siþōs siþōts siþōþ
3rd siþōþ - siþōnd
Present Subjunctive
1st siþō siþōwa siþōma
2nd siþōs siþōts siþiþ
3rd siþō - siþōna
1st siþōda siþōdēdu siþōdēdum
2nd siþōdēs siþōdēduts siþōdēduþ
3rd siþōda - siþōdēdun
Preterite Subjunctive
1st siþōdēdjáu siþōdēdeiwa siþōdēdeima
2nd siþōdēdeis siþōdēdeits siþōdēdeiþ
3rd siþōdēdi - siþōdēdeina
Passive Present
1st siþōda siþōnda
2nd siþōza siþōnda
3rd siþōda - siþōnda
Passive Present Subjunctive
1st siþōdáu siþōdnáu
2nd siþōzáu siþōdnáu
3rd siþōdáu - siþōdnáu
1st siþōm
2nd siþō siþōts siþōþ
3rd siþōdáu - siþōndáu
Present Participle
Nom siþōndei siþōndeins
Voc siþōndei siþōndeins
Acc siþōndein siþōndeins
Gen siþōndeins siþōndeinō
Dat siþōndein siþōndeim
Nom siþōnds, siþōnda siþōndans
Voc siþōnda siþōndans
Acc siþōndan siþōndans
Gen siþōndins siþōndanē
Dat siþōndin siþōndam
Nom siþōndō siþōndōna
Voc siþōndō siþōndōna
Acc siþōndō siþōndōna
Gen siþōndins siþōndanē
Dat siþōndin siþōndam
Past Participle
Strong Feminine
Nom siþōþa siþōþōs
Voc siþōþa siþōþōs
Acc siþōþa siþōþōs
Gen siþōþáizōs siþōþáizō
Dat siþōþái siþōþáim
Strong Masculine
Nom siþōþs siþōþái
Voc siþōþs siþōþái
Acc siþōþana siþōþans
Gen siþōþis siþōþáizē
Dat siþōþamma siþōþáim
Strong Neuter
Nom siþōþ, siþōþata siþōþa
Voc siþōþ, siþōþata siþōþa
Acc siþōþ, siþōþata siþōþa
Gen siþōþis siþōþáizē
Dat siþōþamma siþōþáim
Weak Feminine
Nom siþōþō siþōþōns
Voc siþōþō siþōþōns
Acc siþōþōn siþōþōns
Gen siþōþōns siþōþōnō
Dat siþōþōn siþōþōm
Weak Masculine
Nom siþōþa siþōþans
Voc siþōþa siþōþans
Acc siþōþan siþōþans
Gen siþōþins siþōþanē
Dat siþōþin siþōþam
Weak Neuter
Nom siþōþō siþōþōna
Voc siþōþō siþōþōna
Acc siþōþō siþōþōna
Gen siþōþins siþōþanē
Dat siþōþin siþōþam

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