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This lexicon contains entries from Wright's Gothic Grammar, from Himma Daga's lexicon, and from Wiktionary's list of Gothic lemmata.

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keep fastan III weak+intr; haban III weak; baírgan IV ablaut+dat; ga-fastan III weak
keep watchþaírh-wakan IV ablaut; witan III weak+dat
kettleƕaír n.A; katils m.A
keylukils m.A
keyboardbokabaúrd n.A
keywordsokiwaúrd n.A
kidgáiteins adj (neut.)
killaf-sneiþan I ablaut; us-qistjan I weak+acc/dat; us-qiman IV ablaut+acc/dat; af-dáubjan I weak; af-slahan VI ablaut
kindsels aj.i; bleiþs adj
kind regardsliubistons goleinins
kindletandjan I weak
kindnessmildiþa f.O
kingþiudans m.A
kingdomþiudan-gardi f.JO; þiudinassus m.U; reiki n.JA
kinglyreikeis adj
kinsmanga-niþjis m.JA; niþjis m.JA
kissga-frijons f.I; frijons f.I; kukjan I weak+dat
kiss all overbi-kukjan I weak
kiwikeiwei f.N; kiwi n.JA
knapsackmati-balgs m.I
kneaddeigan I ablaut
kneekniu n.A
kneelknussjan I weak+intr; knussjan kniwam
kneelingknussus m.U
knifesahs n.A; kneiba m.N; kneifs m.A
knockknukon II ablaut
knowfinþan III ablaut+acc; witan pret-pres. I abl.; kunnan pret-pres. III abl.+acc; uf-kunnan pret-pres. III abl.; fraþjan VI ablaut+dat
knowledgedoms m.A; kunþi n.JA; uf-kunþi n.JA; witubni n.JA
knownkunþs adj+dat; wiss aj.s; kunþs pple; mers adj

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